Friday, July 24, 2015

Sea Ice Might Be More Resilient Than Thought

Single cool summer briefly reversed decline in ice cap around the North Pole, study reports

By Robert Lee Hotz of the WSJ.
"Arctic sea ice is so sensitive to changing temperatures that a single cool summer briefly reversed the decline in the ice cap around the North Pole, says a new study released Monday."

"the total volume of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere was well above average in the autumn of 2013, traditionally the end of the annual melt season"

"“We now know it can recover by a significant amount if the melting season is cut short,” said the study’s lead author Rachel Tilling, a researcher who studies satellite observations of the Arctic. “The sea ice might be a little more resilient than we thought.”"

"In 2013, summer temperatures were about 5% cooler than the previous year and the volume of autumn ice jumped 41%"

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